Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014

The year 2013 is drawing to a close, and I thought it’d be nice to look back on it and also to look forward to 2014.

Looking back on 2013

There were two big, important events for me this year. The first of those was my move to Helsinki in February. Admittedly, the moving distance was only about 35 kilometres, but the mental distance was much greater. It also meant that I acquired a flatmate with a cat, so I’m living with another person (and a cat) for the first time in seven years. It’s gone surprisingly well.

Even more important than the move was getting my first paying job since 2002 in August. I’m on a temping agency’s list, so it’s not an especially secure job. I never know very much in advance how much work I have. Nevertheless, the job is important to me.

It also means that I’m so very tired most of the time. My job is demanding both physically and mentally, so after a seven- or eight-hour day, I just want to sleep. I haven’t managed to write or read much anything, and there’s exactly one offline hobby (= qigong) that I have energy for any longer, and even that is a fight sometimes. I force myself to go to the twice-weekly qigong class anyway, because I know that I come out feeling much better after that than I was when I went in. Besides, it keeps my shoulders and hands in a better condition, which is important if I want to continue having a job.

I’ve also been struggling with both physical and mental health issues, though both have been improving. Nevertheless, they have contributed to the tiredness and lack of concentrating ability that have prevented me from reading or writing.

2013 was also the year when I gave up on completing my Bachelor’s degree. The decision crept on me, and I became aware of even having made that decision only very recently. Giving up on my studies makes me a little sad, but mostly it’s a relief. I think I will go back to university and study something else some time in the future, but right now I don’t have the energy or the motivation to do it.

Looking forward to 2014

  • I want to get a more secure and less tiring job in 2014.
  • I want to work on improving my health, so that I will have more energy and a better ability to concentrate.
  • I want to work on setting a regular writing schedule. I want to continue writing fanfiction, and I want to add non-fiction that is not casual blog entries to my repertoire.
  • I want to catch up on reading some of the manga and watching some of the anime that I’ve been putting off due to the tiredness. I also want to go back to reading more than just fanfiction.

I think that’s enough for one year.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014

  1. 2013 was a busy year for you! I’m glad that the move went well and I wish you all the best for 2014. I hope you can reach all your goals. I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog here as well. :)

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